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Frontline vs Advantage - Expert's Comments


Both Advantage and Frontline are applied topically. Frontline is placed only between your pet's shoulder blades, as is Advantage for cats and dogs weighing less than 21 pounds. Bayer recommends you break up the Advantage dose into three or four applications along the spine of a dog that weighs more than 21 pounds. Application is done once a month, and dosages are based on your pet's weight.


Both Advantage and Frontline claim to kill most or all of the fleas on your pet within 12 hours of application. Advantage's website at claims the medication begins killing fleas within three to five minutes. The Frontline website does not say how soon the fleas begin dying, only that all should be dead within 12 hours.

Works On

You can use Frontline to kill adult fleas and ticks on your pets, but Advantage works only on fleas. Advantage, however, does kill flea larvae as well as adult fleas. With either product the fleas (or ticks, if applicable) do not have to bite to be affected by the active ingredients in the medication.

What They Do

Advantage and Frontline break the flea's life cycle by killing adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs on your pet.Frontline gets absorbed into your pet's oil glands so that every time your pet produces skin oils, the Frontline medication is produced on the skin. The imidacloprid in Advantage paralyzes fleas by getting into their nervous systems, which kills them. The solution spreads over the top of your pet's skin.



Frontline Plus Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Fipronil &
Green For Cats 8 weeks or older 8 weeks or older 0.5ml
Orange Small Dogs under 22lbs under 10kg 0.67ml
Blue Medium Dogs 23 - 44lbs 10 - 20kg 1.34ml
Purple Large Dogs 45 - 88lbs 20 - 40kg 2.68ml
Red XL Dogs 89 - 132lbs 40 - 60kg 4.02ml


Advantage Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Imidacloprid (9.1%)
Orange Small Cats under 9lbs under 4kg 0.4ml
Purple Large Cats over 9lbs over 4kg 0.8ml
Green XS Dogs under 10lbs under 4kg 0.4ml
Teal Small Dogs 11 - 20lbs 4 - 10kg 1.0ml
Red Medium Dogs 21 - 55lbs 10 - 25kg 2.5ml
Blue Large Dogs Over 55lbs 25 - 50kg 4.0ml


For more information, visit our product sites Frontline Plus and Advantage.

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Popular Brands Flea Control & Other Parasite Treatment Quick Guide

Brand (w/®) Adult Flea Eggs Larvae Tick Mosquito Heartworm Ear Mite Sarcoptic
Advantage Yes - Yes - - - - -
Advantix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - - -
Advocate /
Advantage Multi
Yes - Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Capstar Yes - - - - - - -
Frontline Yes - Yes Yes - - - -
Frontline Plus Yes Yes Yes Yes - - - -
Heartgard Plus - - - - - Yes - -
Interceptor - - - - - Yes - -
Revolution /
Yes Yes Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Sentinel - Yes Yes - - Yes - -

Frontline vs Advantage - Customers' Feedback

Frontline is for fleas and ticks whereas Advantage is for fleas only but works better.

I used to work at an animal shelter and all they used was Frontline. The cats and dogs used to come in loaded with fleas. After one application the fleas were dead. In my experience Frontline works better!

I use Advocate, its by Bayer. Its good for flea, ticks, mange, intestinal worms and heartworms. I have been using it to treat one of my dogs mange, and its pretty good, no mange, fleas, or ticks, and it sure beats trying to get my dogs to swallow worming tablets.

I like Advantage the best and I have tried both. Frontline is very harsh and left a rash on the back of both my pets. Advantage works great and I only put it on them in the summer months.

Frontline is safer and costs about the same. Advantage sometimes isn't as safe, so just be careful if you decide to use it.

Frontline is waterproof, where Advantage is not. Frontline seems to be better in repelling ticks.

We use Frontline Plus and I love it. We are apparently living in the middle of tick heaven this spring and it is working great. We find ticks in Lucy's bed, but they are dead. I have found some crawling on her, but they are usually half dead when I find them! My brother and his wife just left after being here for a week and they had their little dog with them. It was a constant getting ticks off him after his walks. They use Revolution and my SIL was wanting to switch to Frontline by the time they left. The ticks just fall off our dog!

I have used both Frontline and advantage. Advantage seemed to be more toxic to the dogs than Frontline. My Springer Cocker started to have a terrible skin problem on her back b/c of these drugs, but is now resolved b/c I stopped using them. I now use a mixture of peppermint castile soap and distilled water spray. Seems to work fairly well. I had to cut out all of the chemicals I use in the house b/c of skin probs. People need to be more informed about what the long term effect can be on the immune system of the dog before begin using the stuff, IMO.

Advantage is stronger and covers more parasites than Frontline (at least it used to). I only used it when I had issues with fosters bringing fleas into the house so that they did not have a chance.

I use Frontline, just personally found it to have better control of killing the fleas, seems to kill more before they even get to bite the cats- and it does kill ticks whereas Advantage doesn't ticks,only fleas. Just a personal choice though, when working at the vets, some people swore by Advantage, others by Frontline and I must admit I dont like using them much, just mainly in the summer.

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